Buying a bespoke suit is not cheap, but nothing compares to the experience of creating a quality garment that is tailored specifically for your body and lifestyle. Unlike an off-the-rack or made-to-measure suit, every material, cut and detail used to construct a bespoke suit is decided upon consultations and fittings with a trusted tailor. As we says, your suit should “(be)spoken for in person.”

Designing a bespoke suit requires more time and patience than a made-to-measure suit. This is because you are not buying into any sort of model or prototype. The options are essentially endless in bespoke, whereas a made-to-measure suit has limits on the adjustments available on predetermined materials. On top of all the planning involved is the extensive assembly of the bespoke suit. Every part of the suit is handmade by expert craftsman.

Beyond that, the bespoke suit is designed to highlight the best features and undermine any potential flaws of its wearer. An honest tailor will work with a client to select the shapes and patterns that suit his body and make the most flattering statements. Multiple fittings then take place along the suits construction to make sure the fit is completely accurate.

All this time and money gets invested into a suit that will last you a lifetime. Not only will the craftsmanship of the garment stand the test of time, but bespoke suits incorporate hidden material inside the jacket’s lining so that necessary adjustments can be made as the body changes. This means the quality and feeling of the suit will never be compromised..