For our local clients, or clients visiting Bangkok, we offer many special services as well including:

Seasonal Discounts - specials and other promotions we offer storefront throughout the year since we are changing fabrics regularly & would love to clear rolls to get you a special deal and us the end of our fabric to get new collections for YOU.

Priority Tailoring Service with fittings - your clothes can be specially custom made to order within the time span that you are in Bangkok with all the necessary fittings for clients on short stays. We understand that you are here for vacation so we will fit our fitting times in accordance to your stay, so please do not hesitate to email us ahead of time so we can plan our schedule with you.

Free Delivery to Hotel or Residence - Our representative can visit you at your office, home, or hotel for a free demonstration of our products. We offer free Hotel/Home deliveries after you have purchased from us.

To find out about these services, please contact us through the form below, email us