Invest in spare trousers.

The trousers are the first ones to wear out, so if you care about extending the life of your suit, investing in an extra pair of trousers may be the smart thing to do. One additional pair of pants per suit will give you plenty of opportunities to alternate your favorite ensembles.

Donít overstuff your pockets.

Keys, phones, thick wallets, theyíre all part of your everyday list of on-the go essentials, and stuffing them in both the internal, and external pockets of your suits may feel like the easiest way carry them around. But that doesnít mean itís the thing to do. For as much as you can, give up on the habit of overstuffing your pockets, if you want to avoid having the linings split, or the suit loosing its sharp shape.

Find a great tailor.

Sometimes even the greatest of suits need professional care, whether for minor splits, or size altering all together. Which makes it imperial to find a great tailor and stick with him. If you donít already have a personal one, do try using the in-house tailoring services provided by the shops that sell you the suits.

Dry-clean sparingly.

It may feel like the natural thing to do: wear the suit, dry-clean the suit, but despite the good intentions, dry-cleaning your suits should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. In time, the chemicals are bound to damage the natural fibers, resulting in them weakening and breaking down. Dry-cleaning the suits sparingly means doing it once every six months.