How Boss Sukhumvit Makes the Perfect Suit

If you are new to having your clothes custom-tailored and don't have any idea what to expect, you are not alone. Many of Boss Sukhumvit & s clients are first-timers and come into the shop not knowing what they should expect or what is expected of them. At Boss Sukhumvit, all of our professionals are ready to follow your lead and are equally capable of providing guidance to the novice.

The brief explanation below should help you to familiarize with the basic steps involved in creating the perfect suit for you. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us by phone or E-mail or drop by our store at any time.

1: Customize  

Our fitters live and breathe custom suits. During your first fitting our team will work with you to understand your unique requirements. It is during this stage that you will be shown and recommended a wide range of fabrics taking into account your specific needs. You will also be guided through various styles, design options and finishing. Finally, our fitters will physically take your measurements. Everything will be taken into account – a sloping shoulder, a larger cuff for an heirloom watch or a little extra room for a well-enjoyed holiday season. All of this takes place in the comfort of our first fitting room over a couple of drinks from the bar.

2: Construct  

Once your first fitting is complete we begin the construction of your individual garment. Boss Sukhumvit uses the world’s most luxurious fabrics milled in Italy and the UK. We are proud to offer to our clients fabrics from leading cloth-makers such as Dormeuil, Huddersfield Cloth, Ariston and Solbiati. These world-class fabrics are combined with leading made-to-measure technology and construction techniques.

3: Perfect  

When your garment is constructed you are invited back to the showroom to perfect the fit. This involves trying on your suit, shirt or overcoat. Our fitter will then go over the garment, top-to-bottom, to make sure that you are completely satisfied. If any adjustments need to be made, our fitter will make the necessary adjustments and the garment is completed, by our team of tailors. If this occurs your original measurements will be updated to reflect the adjustments, meaning that Boss Sukhumvit will have a precise set of your measurements on file for future purchases. Following the completion of these adjustments we will invite you back to the showroom for the final time to make sure that the garment is absolutely perfect.

4: Enjoy  

Our Every garment is made to be enjoyed, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. A word of warning: made-to-measure can be a very addictive habit as once you’ve had something that is made specifically for you, it is hard to go back to off-the-rack clothing. The tailor-client relationship is a special one and we love the process of getting to know our clients individually and growing with them to create something truly unique.