With over 40 years of experience coupled with a passion for tailoring, We warmly invites you to visit and discuss your new garment and tailoring needs.

Each garment is individually designed and created with the most intense and meticulous hand crafted process and manner.
This means that you pick the fabric out of thousands of swatches and personalize it with your own choice of style. The garments are cut keeping your shape and measurements in mind. In your local store, you will need to pick from already made suits and compromise on design, fabric and fit. No one is a small, medium or large, so why should your suits be?


Our business has the capacity, diversity and experience to accommodate any range of master tailoring as testament to our work ranging from uniforms, to wardrobes.

We believe in quality, period. In today’s time, suits are being manufactured by machines which only understand numbers and churning out hundreds of suits at once. Our tailors work on a single suit for hours, working with the fabric, your measurements and body posture to make a suit which will not only fit your size, but also your lifestyle. We take time to talk and understand the needs of the customer and then tailor a suit around him. Would you rather talk to a tailor or to a machine?

With all this in mind, we want to share our expertise and passion for tailored suits and garments with the world..